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Introduction to Aerial Silks

Drop in

Thursday 6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am

Also offered as a

7 -week session beginning 1.17.20

Friday 6:00 ages 12+

These classes are perfect for adult and teen students with zero to little aerial silks experience. Class size is kept super small in order to promote individual attention while you learn to do the awesome things. No pull-ups? No problem! However you are today is a great starting place. Promise. 

Here's why you should sign up for this class: Everyone is NEW so no one knows what they're doing! 

Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan and Unlimited Silks Plan

Mixed Level Silks 

Thursdays 7:30

Fridays 7:30

Saturday 12:00

This class is for beginner through advanced students. You will refine skills learned in the beginner, Level 1, or Level 2/3 classes and learn new skill variations and tricks based on your individual level and experience. Lesson plans vary, some will focus on specific skills, some on conditioning, once in a while you might review every climb you've ever learned plus some new ones. Who knows? (sara knows)

Brand new students should plan on attending a few intro/beginner classes prior to attending the mixed level class. 

Here's why you should attend this class: You know stuff... but you want to know more stuff... You are drinking the aerial kool-aid and want to speed up your practice. You are up for an awesome challenge. You want to make new aerial friendships!


Cost $20.00 per class. Included in 7 Class Plan,  Unlimited Silks Plan, Erica Plan

Level 1 Aerial Silks

Monday 6:00

Youth Wednesday 6:00

This class is for students who have a good understanding of footlock poses, inversions from the floor and climbs. In this class you will explore more challenging skills and wraps, new climbs, inversions, and basic drops. 

Here's why you should take this class: You have completed introductory classes and are ready for something more challenging. You can spend a minute or two in the air without your feet or hands falling off. You are comfortable upside-down and can get there on your own consistently - maybe not in the air yet - but you're super close and you know it. You want to start learning choreography and adding your own awesomeness to combinations. Also, sara kicked you out of the intro/beginner class. 

Cost $20.00 per class. Included in 7 Class Plan, Unlimited Silks Plan, and Erica Plan

Level 2/3Silks

Level 2

Monday 7:00

Wednesday 7:00

Level 3 

Monday 8:00

Wednesday 8:00

These classes are for students who have tested out of Level 1 or 2 and/or have instructor approval. You will learn more advanced climbs, drops, wraps, and transitions. Expect challenging choreography and pinchy things. You got this. 

Here's why you should take this class: You have tested out of Level  or 2 and/or have instructor approval. You have a good understanding of she mechanics of several wraps, strength skills, and drops. You have a positive attitude about your awesomenesses and challenges. You are able to spot fellow students and practice safely. 

Cost $20.00 per class.  Included with Unlimited Silks Plan and the Erica Plan

Beginner Sling

Saturday 2:00

Sling (or hammock) and be accessible to students more quickly because it's so simple and it can also be quite challenging because it's...so...simple. In this class you will build on foundational skills you learned in your intro class and learn even more spinny, droppy, pinchy, amazing things! You will learn challenging skills, combinations, and choreography in this class

Why you should take this class: You have taken some intro classes and decided that sling is your jam, you are looking to broaden your aerial repertoire, you're an aerial yoga student and want to learn a different way to move in your familiar apparatus. Oh, also you have instructor permission

Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan and Erica plan

Sling 2

Thursday  5:30pm

Saturday  1:00

This class is for intermediate/advanced level students who are comfortable with drops, have clean inverts, and have instructor permission.

Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan and Erica plan

Beginner Acrobatic Pole

Tuesday  6:30pm

Thursday 6:30pm

This class is great for beginning polers!You will learn the 

 basics of acrobatic pole in a small group setting with lots of individualized coaching. You will learn poses, spins, and climbs, building to transitions and choreography.
All humans 16+ are welcome to attend this class.

Why You should take this class: You have always wanted to try a pole class... but maybe not in front of 20 strangers... you love to dance or climb or fly and want to challenge yourself in a new way. 


Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan and Erica Plan

Level 2 Acrobatic Pole

Tuesday 7:30pm

This class is great for experienced polers! This class builds on all your basic skills, and introduces challenging inversions and choreography.

Pole-lovin' humans 16+ are welcome to attend this class.

Why You should take this class: You already know some beginner pole things and now you want to learn ALL the pole things, you can get your bum over your head (at least most of the time), and you have instructor approval.


Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan and Erica Plan

Level 2 Lyra

Sunday 12:30

This lyra (aerial hoop) class is great for students with aerial experience who are able to invert consistently. You will learn mounts and poses, building to transitions and choreographed sequences. 

Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan and Erica Plan

Aerial Yoga

Tuesday  9:30am

No Aerial or Yoga Experience Necessary!

Elevate (or begin) your yoga practice! In this class you will explore postures and flow while being supported by a hammock. Aerial Yoga can improve core strength, flexibility, and balance.


Class size is limited to 6 so sign up early to claim your space.

Cost 20.00 per class. Included with 7 Class Plan

Private Lessons 

If you are unable to find a time that you like please reach out through email, text, or the contact form and we will do everything we can to accommodate

Private lessons in either aerial silks, silng, yoga (air or ground-based), or pole offer the most individualized instruction EVER! Work toward individual goals, create and refine routines for performance or competition, accommodate your crazy schedule... whatever! 

Why you should take private classes: You want to learn the basics in a one on one setting, you want a new perspective on skills you've been working on, you want to focus on one or two skills that are driving you crazy, you are just not that into the group class thing. It's cool. I got you. 

Private lessons are also available for younger students (5-12) for learning basic skills or for a skills assessment for placement into a group class

Cost: $65.00 Silks; 50.00 Pole, Lyra, Aerial Yoga, and Sling

(yes you can split that between two people and make it a semi-private)