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2023-2024 competition info

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Hello everybody! Here is the list for the first wave of invitations to perform at Aerialympics national final live in June.

If you are on the list and want to perform we need to pay a $50 registration fee before February 1 in order to reserve your spot. It is a nonrefundable deposit, but it will be applied toward your registration. If you change your mind about performing live later, that will be forfeited and not applied toward a virtual entry.

A second wave of invitations will go out on February 2 and fill any spots that were declined by the first group of invitees. Immediately after the April regional a 3rd wave of invitations will go out. About a week after that the final final group of invitations will go out to performers who are being invited for other reasons. Those might be because they are up for an award or because their total points were pretty high or other mysterious things that I don't understand. If there are any other spots available by the time we get to May, I am going to push for local performers to have those. I can't guarantee that that will happen but that's where my head is at.

All I need from you in the next week or so is yes or no whether you're going to be performing live. Let's set an internal deadline of the 31st. I know that is not a lot of turnaround time so if that registration fee creates a hardship for you I want you to let me know privately because I don't want that to be the reason that anyone doesn't perform. Just let me know if you have any questions.

Elle Zinn

Cristin had a good question, don’t worry about the fee for the ensemble, that’s just 50 total for the deposit so I’m going to pay for that one for now and well worry about dividing it up during registration time



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