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2023-2024 competition info

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Guys, I’m sorry I put the wrong date. It’s the 22nd. 18th is for photos. 😩

Hello friends! Anyone who is wanting to perform in the wild for nationals may sign up to record on the evening of the 22nd. There is a paper on the door at 1100. If you’re needing a different day prior to that, we can work something out. I might just not be able to drape it for you. You can also let me know when I can write it down for you if that’s easier. There is still a chance that we will be able to snag a couple more spots for live performers. expect I expect to know that in the next day or two. Priority will first be given based on apparatus because they. we have specific spots to fill. After that, it will be based on percentage score but I tell you what if I get two spots for Silks there is a better than 0% chance I just put Kinsley and Taryn up there.

Let’s have an internal deadline of May 7 to let me know your plans.

Elle Zinn
Ellie Wells
Apr 30

Can Ellie sign up for this?



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