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Elle Zinn
Aerialympian 2020
Tolerator of puns, winner of 1’s, mean girl to nones, and haver of funs!Elle-gant Elle!

Hi aerialists! Just a reminder that we have a spirit week this Monday through Friday to lead up to the Spring Student Showcase: Inside Out!

Monday: Anger - Wear Red

Tuesday: Happy - Wear Yellow

Wednesday: Fear - Wear Purple

Thursday: Sadness - Wear Blue

Friday: All Emotions - Wear Rainbow

The Spring Student Showcase is on Saturday at the 1100 studio. The entrance fee for this year's show will be hygiene products so please please bring new, unopened products (tampons, pads, toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.) There are so many amazing acts lined up and we want YOU to show your aerial spirit! And, say thank you to Natasha for putting in all her hard work 😁


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