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Elle Zinn
Aerialympian 2020
Tolerator of puns, winner of 1’s, mean girl to nones, and haver of funs!Elle-gant Elle!

Hiii aerialists!!!

Our spirit week is NEXT WEEK, the 20th through the 24th, and we want EVERYONE to participate. Come dressed up in the following attire at the studio and tech rehearsals, and I might give you a treat! Be willing to change into aerial appropriate gear as well as costumes (as Darcy and Sara need).

Monday - I'm Tired: Wear Pajamas

Tuesday - Fancy: Wear Fancy Aerial Attire

Wednesday - Crazy Train: Wear Crazy Socks

Thursday - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Wear 80s Gear

Friday - Shiny Happy Monster: Wear Bright Colors



Baby reminders for Spirit Weeks, studio parties, and everyth...


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