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Season 7 general info

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Hi everybody! I think I am done getting all the weekday fall classes scheduled and all of you enrolled. I'm waiting on one or two more things before I get weekend classes up. Some of you have several accounts so if you're not seeing the right classes in your agenda, let me know so I can try to figure it out. I'm starting on invoices today and I expect them to be done and sent by the end of the weekend. Those will be due the week of the 21st but you can pay them early if you want to. For fall classes invoices will go out around the first and be due on the 21st with no payment in December. That will shift to earlier in the month for January through May. It just worked out that way and I figured it's nice to have a little break from tuition around Christmas. There are more details about that in the body of the invoices if you're curious, and like to read stuff. There's still time to register or add classes if you want, so just let me know if you have trouble with that. I did cancel out the junior combo class on Wednesdays because I didn't have enough sign ups so that will be a late start beginning in October. All of the other classes have room even the ones that were previously waitlisted.

i'm really excited for the season I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Let's finish out the last week of the summer session strong, go pick it up some medals, and comeback on the 21st ready for a great year!


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