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Season 7 general info

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Here are your groups and times

On Sunday's group one is 1230 to 2:00, group 2, is 2 o'clock to 330, and group 3 is 330 to 5:00

On Saturday group one is 1130 to 2, group 2 is 1245 to 2 o'clock and group 3 is 3:00to 4:30

M and Wednesdays are just big groups for anybody that needs to practice or who can only come on Wednesdays and that is from six until eight

Next Sunday, March 12 all of the teachers will be filming a video so there will not be a practice. Sunday groups can join Saturday from 3 to 430 or the Wednesday rehearsal for next week.

We are also on spring break the 19th to the 25th. But I will have one workshop and some open practice times during that week. Once we get through the next two weeks, we will be smooth sailing until June.

I'm going to make a fever dreams group and I will stop posting about it in here.

Elle Zinn


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