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Season 7 general info

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Yooooooo we finally put the Renaissance festival away and that means Saturday classes start this week!

They are all improv/dance based classes and will not have routines in the showcase. They are appropriate for levels ONE and higher, which generally means clean and consistent inverts from the floor and experience with fundamentals on your apparatus. They are sling 10:00, Silks 11:00, and Trapeze 12:00. You are able to book them on the website or holler at me if you'd like me to add you for the rest of the session. The following people have signed up already (just in case you forgot)

Sling - Darcy, Della, Katherine (Elle and Rio I left you out since I'm adding the 1:00 but come if you want)

Silks- Darcy, Natasha, Katherine

Trap-Kay, Darcy, Rio, Audrey

I am holding off on a second team 1 class on Saturdays and adding the

KARE class 1:00-2:30- Kay, Audrey, Rio, Elle

---- Oh! and I don't currently have an instructor for sunday conditioning so it's not happening bc if I don't have one day off a week I will be even harder to get along with.

Elle Zinn
Della Szczepanski


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