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Season 7 general info

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Hi everybody I guess this is a post-tastic week so far!

We have new level 1ish sling classes starting Friday the 16th! I am not advertising these classes. They are only for existing/returning students and families. They will take place Fridays at 5:30 for kids and 6:30 for teens and adults.

Anybody who wants to add this class on a weekly basis let me know and I will get you signed up on a first come first served basis

Drop in spots will open February 10 if there's any room left.

If you are not sure about sling, but want to try it there is a FREE trial class February 9 at whatever time you would normally attend. There is a sign-up list at the main location or you can holler at me and I will write your name on it for you if you're not going to be here anytime soon.

12-year-olds who do better with teens and adults feel free to do the later class, 13-year-olds who feel better with kids feel free to do the earlier one.

These are open for parents too, just sayin'.

Let's get slingy!!! (That's what the kids say)

Lauren Lake
Della Szczepanski

Is this class still available? I think Scarlett would like to try a Friday.



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