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Season 7 general info

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Hi everyone! Registration for non-team Fall classes starts tomorrow! I will send out an email with instructions later tonight.

Essentially, students who signed up for the performance teams were given first dibs for additional classes. Those classes with spots remaining will be offered to students who can commit to the same day and time each week for the semester.

If you signed up for team classes but didn't pay the registration fee, I won't hold your spot so be sure to do that. There are 5 who haven't paid yet. That's on the app and website and called Performance Team (X) Registration. Also if paid your registration but haven't selected classes yet, I will not be able to hold spots for you. There are 2 who haven't done that yet.

After recreational level students have selected their classes, and classes with remaining spots will be available for drop in students. Let me know if you read through the information session slides in the documents group and still have questions.

Ya dig?

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