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Some disappointing news, I have decided to opt out of performing Fever Dreams at Fringe Fest this year. If you've been following along at home we had some serious problems with communication and organization from fringe, which actually led me to drop out back in May when they were 2 months late getting me a venue and dates. I take full responsibility for what happened next, which was me allowing them to talk my out of my decision and believing that things would improve. They have not improved and we are now two weeks out and lacking details that would allow us to rehearse completely (rigging details, venue configuration, etc.). While I'm sure we could manage to leverage our amazing talents to put something resembling a show on the stage, I don't think that we could do it in a way that we could be proud of or in a way that is safe for the performers. The risks associated with throwing together an aerial show in a new venue without adequate rehearsal time are too great and in my opinion, not worth it. For those of you who have been planning to perform and have been rehearsing, let's keep working on it and plan to do something in-house in the coming weeks. I have also spoken with the band who was joining is for one of the shows and they are still wanting to collaborate with us for a production in the Fall. I know this is disappointing and it was an exceptionally difficult decision, particularly because keeping my word is very important to my values. It is the right decision though, because ultimately I am responsible for maintaining a safe space for all of us and we just weren't going to have that to my standards.


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