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Season 7 general info

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Greetings aerialists! Three exciting things are happening this weekend! First we are starting rehearsals for our Christmas show! This week will all be placement rehearsals, meaning while I will be teaching some skills and choreography the most important task will be assigning groups and routines based on skill level. as I've mentioned before this showcase is heavy on the solos with just four group routines. Very few students will be in all four. After this weekend we will move to specialized rehearsals based around specific routines. for students who are not able to come this Saturday there will be one more placement rehearsal next week on the 29th. Here are the times:


1000-1130- beginners, level 1, Level 2 (group1)

1230-2:00 Levels 2 and 3 (group 2)


1000-1130 all levels

All future rehearsals will take place on Saturdays between 10 and three. No one will need to be there the entire time besides me, but I won't be able to give specific times until I see how the routines shake out.

All of those rehearsals are on the website and are treated like a 60 minute class.

Also on Saturday the 22nd we will have a rehearsal for the Halloween show from 11:30 to 12:30. While there is no charge for that rehearsal please sign up online so I know who's coming.

I am working on putting some documents and emails together about all of this but I have not had any time to do that. And I can just talk into my phone to leave messages here on the app. Good job Me!

See you soon

sara 💕

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