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Season 7 general info

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I added 2 services to the website and app. Those are for TEAM students' solos (or duets or parallels or whatevers) The first is called Team Solo Private and is for new routines and new choreography. The cost on that is 200.00. The other is for finishing that choreography or finalizing it. It is called 2nd+ Team Solo Private and it is zero.00.

If we are cleaning an existing act, changing choreo for an existing act, or if you are not on one of the teams you will need to book a regular old private lesson or initial choreo private for new acts.

For now, you have the power to book and schedule those without me but I will hide them and book manually if it gets too weird. I would like to have a few days with your music before your first lesson (please don't book for today at 7:00). I also might not have your first choice of times - BUT I also have other availability so holler if there's something you want that you're not seeing on the site.

Let me know what questions you have.

love sara

Elle Zinn


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