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Season 7 general info

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Hi everybody! I am really excited that on July 1 we are going to have a watch party/anniversary celebration! In order to keep the numbers more manageable I split us into two groups. The first is for students 14 years and younger and the second is for everybody else. I will bring snacks and either the showcase video or competition videos, depending on which group you are in. It's free of course I just would like for people to sign up so I know how many snacks I need to get.

Younger humans are from 5 o'clock to 630 and older humans from 630 until 830.

Everybody is invited whether or not you were in the showcase or competitions, whether you've been a student for seven years or seven days

I put both of the sign ups in the camps in special events category on the bookings page if that's how you usually book your classes otherwise you might have to scroll for a while


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