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Season 7 general info

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OK I'm getting gas. I feel strongly that I can knock this out doing voice to text.

First, I am reiterating that there will be a rehearsal for anyone who wants to come tomorrow from 4 to 6. I know it's very short notice and please don't feel obligated especially if your sister is having a gender reveal party.

Here's what I have for Sunday's starting next week.

Group one Raelynn, Violet number two, Ava, Olivia, Reese, Della, Brooklyn, Violet number one

Group 2 Elsie, Elynn, Ellie, Raelynn, Violet number two, Avery

Group 3, Megan, Goodman, Tehya, jazzy, Courtney, Kiersten, Sophia, Maelie ,Avery, Stacie

Here is what I have for Saturdays starting next week

Group one, Elle, Kay, Maggie, Rio, Natasha, Wil

Group two Elle, Kay, Maggie, Rio, Natasha, Wil, Darcy, Audrey

Group 3, Megan, Goodman, Tehya, Jazzy, Courtney, Kiersten, Sophia, Maelie , Avery, Stacie

For now, Wednesdays will be optional, and will just be for the big group routines, which are lion, octopus, a day, and dreams number two. Those are also covered Saturday and Sunday.

I don't have the exact times yet. But I was able to get everybody inside their window of availability.

You will notice that group 3 is the same for Saturday and Sunday. I do not need any of those people to come to both days. You may choose the one that works best for you. We will cover the same material.

Once the groups are marked out, we will likely adjust times and groupings.

Solos and duos will be scheduled outside of group rehearsal times. Some routines have features, or solo parts. Most of those will happen during group rehearsals, but some might need time outside of that. We won't know until we know.

Here's what I have for solos and duos. it does not include all of the features within group routines.

Duo, Elle and Kay duo, Natasha and Tehya

Duo, Rio and Maggie solo Darcy

Solo Avery

Duo Raelyn and Violet number two

There are lots of features in this show, and just because you don't see your name by a solo or a duo doesn't mean you won't have a special moment. That's just a level of detail I'm not going to get into here. I'll update with times tomorrow.

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