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Season 7 general info

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Hello, beautiful humans! I want to answer a couple of questions about the spring session for those of you who aren't able to come on Saturday or for those of you that just have curiosities.

I am going to leave everyone's schedule as is unless you tell me to change it. You can tell me about any changes on Saturday or in person or in whatever electronic way you normally tell me things. But you're gonna want to tell me at a time that I am able to receive that information. Don't mention it to me while I'm changing rigging between classes because it will not stay in my brain. Let's try to get those changes done by Saturday night.

I am going to send invoices out by the end of Saturday. they will not be due until your first class in January and then will be due on the fourth of every month through the end of the session.

I am going to hold off on adding group practices to the Saturday schedule because there have been some changes with what I'm allowed to do in Aerialympics groups this year. Saturdays will be available for privates and that one 10:00 aerial dance class for at least the first couple of weeks until I get all of that sorted out. I should have a plan by our information session on Saturday.

If you've got people that want to try out an aerial class, I've got three trial classes for different age groups happening the week after Christmas that you can send them to. And I think that's it for now.

Ok bye

Elle Zinn


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