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Season 7 general info

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I added fringe rehearsals to the website, replacing fever dreams, which seemed to be confusing. It is a free class but is absolutely required for anyone who wants to perform at the kc gronge festival. We are reworking fever dreams and nightmares for the venue and time constraints. It will be familiar but not identical. For those who perform, profits will be used to offset competition fees for the year. For those who can't come off Saturdays I'm adding a Thursday rehearsal.

Shows are 40 minutes long

July 21 8:30

July 22 4:00

Jul 25 7:00

July 28 10:00 adults only

July 29 5:30

We will decide who is performing when in the next week or so

Elle Zinn
Megan Kinnane
Stacey M
Jun 30, 2023




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