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Season 7 general info

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Hello! Here is the schedule for summer! It does not include the two camps that are for kids beginner through intermediate the third weeks in June and July. Those are already on the website. I will send this out in an email and the next day or two, and will also have these classes up for booking at that time.

Special classes for summer include two competition classes. The first one is Tuesdays and that one is for students who are participating in the US pole sports federation national comp in August. The other competition class will meet on Sundays and is for students who are planning on or interested in competing later this summer or fall.

We are also adding circuit circuit back into the schedule, which is our all levels conditioning class, several classes for beginning and level, one kids, and a pre-aerial class for tiny ones who want to grow up and be just like Rio but might not know their hands from their feet yet.

There is also a low and slow lyra flow class, which is for adults who are interested in all the pretty dancy stuff, but not necessarily the conditioning/upside downs.

I think that's all the new stuff. I probably forgot something. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

Elle Zinn


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