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Season 7 general info

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It's time to start thinking about the Cloud Nine Aerial Arts Spring Student Showcase!

I've attached a document in the "Documents" group with all the important information (make sure to join that group, if you haven't already!) but I'll go over highlights here.

The student showcase is a student led show where students get full creative control over their routines, costumes, music etc! Pending how many acts sign up, I'm hoping to have a kid/teen show and then a second adult only show!

The theme is "Inside Out" and your act can be inspired by whatever this means to you.

I'll be managing the show again so here are some important dates:

February 12 - Deadline to let Natasha know your act/apparatus and music

March 9 - full dress rehearsal for the show

March 16 - 6:30, kids/teen show and 7:30, adult show

Please read the document sheet because there's even more info on it, and if you have any questions, please let me know! I can be reached most easily on Wix or in person!

2024 Spring Student Showcase
Download PDF • 54KB

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