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Season 8 competition info

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Season 8 Competition Schedule

Here is the competition schedule for this season. There is also a PDF if you would rather save it that way

Aerialympics Regional - Dallas, Texas

Virtual Recording - August 30th

Live - September 14-15

Aerialympics Regional - Eugene, Oregon

Virtual Recording - September 23rd

Live - October 5-6

Aerialympics Regional - Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Virtual Recording - October 22nd

Live - November 2-3

West Coast Aerial Arts Festival - Anaheim, California

Live - November 8-11

Aerialympics Regional Melborne, Florida

Virtual Recording - November 22nd

Live - December 6-7

Aerialympics Local Invitational - Liberty, MO

Recording from LPAT February 15, 2025 - groups and very limited solo

Viva Fest - Las Vegas, Nevada - Intermediate + only

Live - March 13-16 (Tentative)

Aerialympics Regional San Antonio, Texas

Virtual Recording - March 22nd

Live - April 5-6

Aerialympics National Finals Liberty, MO Live July 8-13, 2025

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