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Cloud Nine Aerial Arts
is so excited to be hosting 
Aerialympics Season 11 National Finals! 

Our goal is to make every coach and performer feel welcomed, appreciated, and like part of the family! We are offering a number of open practice times, apparatus rentals, and resources for visiting performers. Please reach out if there is anything else that we can help you with while you are here!

Apparatus Rental - Performers who would like to use a fabric or bar apparatus other than those furnished specifically for Aerialympics may rent from Cloud Nine! This is a great option if you don't want to lug your own, are looking for a specific color, or want a chance to practice with it during an open gym in the days before your performance.

See all apparatuses HERE 


Open Practices - Available for individuals and teams on a first come first served basis during Aerialympics week. We have seven points at 18'. Individuals will have access to their own rig point for the 60 minute practice, and team coaches have access to all 7 to use as you see fit. There will always be one of our team members present to help with rigging and any questions that you might have. 

We also have emergency tights, extra costumes, grip aids and literally anything you might need while you are in town. Shoot for the moon, new friends!

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