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2023-2024 competition info

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vendors, you probably already know this but…

Those of you who are using the booth need to figure out how you’re going to price things, set everything up, man the booth, and accept payment.

I recommend keeping an electronic inventory list that includes prices, methods of payment, and makers so that everyone can be paid accurately. I would just use one electronic payment location for everyone. Otherwise it could be inconvenient and messy. If you’re going to accept cash you’ll need change.

I can put this near the aerialympics merch table so those of you who are volunteering with that can multitask.

I don’t think I will be of much help other than buying the booth.

Megan Kinnane

Posting in student council as well, but makers please fill out the following google form to get your contact information so I can distribute information and get a product inventory together!

If you have questions message me (Megan K.) at (316)706-9027!



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