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Season 8 competition info

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Season 8 Competition Schedule

Here is the competition schedule for this season. There is also a PDF if you would rather save it that way

Aerialympics Regional - Dallas, Texas

Virtual Recording - August 30th

Live - September 14-15

Aerialympics Regional - Eugene, Oregon

Elle Zinn
Courtney Boortz

Competition sign-up form

Hi! Let’s see if this works! I made a form for you to declare your intentions for competitions this year. This is not your final answer, you can change your mind. This it to help me plan and keep me organized. The prices don’t reflect any lessons or studio comp fees, nor do they reflect the aerialympics discount which is usually about 20% depending on how many participants I have.

Courtney Boortz

Information about our competitions

Aerial Elite - Virtual Only. This is a small, new competition in its second year. It might be fun to try something new and compete against. Video submissions are due September 1, Results are Posted October 7. Ages groups are fairly broad especially in the adult categories. Levels are Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced in Silks, Sling, Lyra, and Trapeze (yay) and Specialty. I might want to do some groups since it's so affordable. It would be a good time to warm up for the season or refresh last year's routines.


Solos - 100

Duo - 125

Groups 150

Elle Zinn
Gabby Hill
Courtney Boortz

Welcome to our group Season 8 competition info! A space for us to share information about the competition schedule. Aerialympics Nationals will have a separate group

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