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Cloud Nine Aerial Arts Home School Program

New for 2022!
We are so excited and blessed to be able to share our days with you! Aerial isn't just super fun, it's SO good for you!  In the aerial arts we challenge our bodies and our minds, we find mindful focus while we gain strength and flexibility. Aerial is excellent for those who want to improve their ability to set and follow through with goals; kids of all ages will gain confidence throughout your life as you see a skill that seemed impossible yesterday become tomorrow's warm-up.  
Our new Home School Program currently has two tracks.

Track A: Drop in Classes Wednesdays at 1:00pm
This track is for students of all ages (8+) and levels who want to explore aerial while increase their physical fitness. Apparatuses will vary from week to week and will include silks, sling, aerial yoga, trapeze, and lyra. Students may choose to attend weekly, monthly, or as often as fits their schedules and interest. 

Track B: Private 6 Week Sessions
This track is ideal for both new students and experienced aerialists who want to learn at their own pace, fine-tune specific skills, or prepare for competitions or shows. Classes are 100% tailored to each student's goals and priorities. Each student will have their own lesson plan including SMART goals, home conditioning skills, and mid-week check-ins. The six lessons will take place over six consecutive weeks at the time that works best for the student and their family. Two students  (any relationship is a-ok) may share the 6 week series. Students may choose from Silks, Sling, Trapeze, or a combination. 

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