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2023-2024 competition info

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Hello! Aerialympics posted some of the changes for this season on their website and I think the new handbook as well. I am familiar with it and if you don't want to worry about it you don't need to but if you are a nerd and like handbooks and details and stuff you should check it out. We're also able to announce that we're hosting nationals next year whoop whoop.

One thing that we do need to take note of is that the dates for the first competition changed so now regional options are October, November, December, and March. I would say there is a better than 75% chance that some of us will go to the December competition in Orlando Florida if anybody wants to. And they all have a virtual option as well.

If you are not going to be traveling to compete for aerialympics this year and have a solo done I would say we should shoot for October. If we start your solo in the next month or so, November and December are both very reasonable. If you are waiting a little while to start or if you have two solos, and want to spread them out, we can do that too.

In order to start solos, I need your music or I need to know that I am choosing your music and then I need about a week to write your routine. If you are in one of our performance teams for the fall season, you'll have a flat rate per solo and you can contact me to schedule. If you are a recreational student or a drop in student, you can schedule through the website. And just contact me if there's a time that you don't see it.

I think that's it let me know if you have any questions. I do have a call scheduled with Jen tomorrow, so if there's anything I don't know I can find out for you then.

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